This blog is studying “Ninja” in the law by posting about each U.S. Federal Court case that includes the word “ninja” in the opinion.

The primary phase of this blog project is now complete, having briefed the over 120 opinions that include the word to date. Additional posts will be added if and when there are more “ninja” in the Federal Courts. I will also update this “about” page in the future to add some thoughts toward analysis.

Mostly, I would describe NinjaLaw as being about robbers, murderers, sexual abusers, police excessive force, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and motorcycles. But also something to do with ethnic diversity, alternative religions, and prisoners’ rights – a large proportion of the cases involve Constitutional claims (which is to be expected given the subject matters mentioned).

Just skim around or better, use the Categories and Tags to aid browsing!

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